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Luke is the author of this book, written in the 60s A.D. Luke opens with the brief history of John the Baptist followed by the best known description of the birth of Jesus. Luke provides a genealogy of Christ through Jesus' mother, Mary. Beginning in Chapter 4 is the detailed description of Jesus' public ministry culminating in the day-by-day report of the events of the last week of Jesus' ministry. The book closes with Christ's ministry following his resurrection.

I. The birth of John the Baptist, 1:1-1:80
II. The birth of Jesus and his childhood, 2:1-2:52
III. Jesus' baptism and his genealogy, 3:1-3:38
IV. Jesus' public ministry, 4:1-19:27
V. Jesus' final week, 19:28-23:56
VI. Jesus' resurrection and ascension, 24:1-24:53

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